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 Basically, as long as you follow this guideline, you are free to create derivative works without having to contacts us at "Stayuni" (hereinafter referred to as "we"). We will not exercise any authority over derivative works that comply with this guideline.

1. Request regarding derivative works

  • Please refrain from publishing videos, illustrations, or other contents (referred to as "content" below) that significantly diminish our impression or the impression of our members due to derivative works.

  • Please engage in derivative works related to doujin activities and others within the scope of hobbies.

  • Please refrain from publishing for commercial purposes.

  • When using our original music, please contact the management.

  • Please also comply with our other terms and conditions.

  • If you intend to profit from derivative works, please contact the management (including monetization on YouTube).

  • Please refrain from creating antisocial derivative works.

  • Please refrain from creating derivative works that may cause harm to third parties.

  • Please refrain from creating derivative works that may be mistaken for official works.

  • Please refrain from using AI for learning purposes.

  • Please also refrain from anything else that we deem inappropriate.

2. Request for Publishing Fan Works

  • When publishing fan works, please make sure to include the following information in the description section:"©2020 ANclan" The URL of the original video that you are quoting. 

  • If there is no description section, you can omit this, but please be careful not to be mistaken as an official source by other users.

  • We kindly ask you to uphold the minimum level of etiquette when creating fan works.

  • Please also respect the rights and individuality of others, not just us.

3. 本ガイドラインの対象者


4. 二次創作の定義


5. 同意事項

  • ​お客様が二次創作物を公開した時点で、全ガイドラインに同意したこととみなします。

  • 私共が定めている全ガイドラインへの同意がない限りお客様は二次創作物を公開してはならないものとする。

  • 場合によっては、メンバー一人ひとり、本ガイドラインとは別のガイドラインを設けている場合もありますので、そのガイドラインの同意も必要です。

  • お客様が公開した二次創作物は、私共がお客様へ許可を取らずに使用していいものとします。

  • 私共は、本ガイドライン又は、私共メンバーが各自定めているガイドラインを、お客様への予告なしに変更してよいものとする。


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